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HSBC bank fraud - A true story of HSBC bank cheating

HSBC Bank fraud – A true story of HSBC fraud and cheating

hsbc HSBC Bank fraud   A true story of HSBC fraud and cheating

Here is a true story of A HSBC fraud which happened with me. I thought I should share this story here -

HSBC – Live Life without boundaries
All these taglines really influence users but hardly HSBC follow any of them. HSBC is another bank which will lick your ass for getting a Credit Card. And I was one another person who got attracted with the deals and facilities provided by them and asked for Credit Card. They gave me a Credit card with lots fo facilities and after 6 months they gave me supplementary card saying its a ‘Complementary Card’ because you are one of our Premium member. And this card is free of cost and without any service charges. I being a normal person who got attracted by deals and free or in their language BONUS card. I said yes and got the card within one week time. I was so happy to get complementary card and I gave that card to my mother for shopping and
After looking at the bill I was astonished by knowing that they started charging for free cards.

First time when I complained about it, they discarded all the charges and made the adjustments as per there words, but next month bill again came up with the same charges I again called the customer care executive and repeated same words to end the amount and they said its not possible to adjust the amount. I was very irirtated by the fact, how they can do so, then I told them to cancel all my credit cards and I paid all my dues but without those extra charges (HSBC fooled me)

After few years I planned to buy a car and apllied for Loan, Oh Shock! I am black listed by HSBC and can’t get loan, because CIBIL said I have pending amount of Rs.19,800/- with HSBC
I called HSBC and they came up saying its that credit card charges pending amount, I felt like From the frying pan(SBI no loan) into the fire(HSBC peality of 19,800/-).
Bank can screw when ever they want. HSBC is simply a fraud bank. HSBC is cheater and make people fool with their schemes.

I paid 19800/- because I wanted to clear my CIBIL score otherwise I would not have qualified for any loan from any Bank. I paid unnecessary all this amount and I could not do anything other than cursing these people.



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